Recently, Delta Laminates underwent an audit carried out by FIRA in conjunction with Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP), where our footprint on the environment was assessed and audited.

We’re extremely pleased to have successfully passed our recertification and renew our FISP status for a further 12 months.

Holding our FISP certification, we can effectively show that we’re continuously managing and improving our footprint on the environment within our furniture manufacturing side of our business.

Over recent years, Delta has invested heavily in new machinery and monitoring equipment to track vital information such as energy consumption, waste recycling, regeneration of energy and more. Some of these improvements include:

  • Biomass Burner
  • State of the art timber storage system
  • Solar panels

On our original certification back in 2016, we scored around 70% to successfully become certified. With the improvements over the past 12 months, our recertification was scored at 73% which is testament to the efforts and progress made by the team at Delta.

Delta’s Head Of Business Systems, Chris Sedgwick shared his comments on the re-certification. “I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of the re-certification. Myself and the team at Delta work hard to manage the key fundamentals of our sustainability and improvements on the environment around us and we strive to effectively improve our procedures, policies and working practices.”

Our aims over the next 12 months are to continuously improve our practices and procedures, including effectively reducing our waste consumption, monitor and improve our energy usage through our newly installed solar panels and become more socially responsible.