Practical, functional and hardwearing solutions that support industrial facilities.

Industrial sector facilities come in many shapes and sizes, from light industrial units and manufacturing plants through to vast distribution warehouses. All require staff washroom and welfare facilities that are designed to cope with high levels of use – often 24 hours operation – plus constant cleaning to keep toilets and rest areas fresh for each shift. But whatever the application, it is essential that facilities remain available at all times of the working day, so that compliance with statutory requirements is maintained. Delta Laminates has delivered high performance solutions for many clients including Astra Zeneca, BAE Systems and Heinz.

Legal requirements on the provision and minimum number of toilets and wash basins needed in any business are contained in the The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and associated Approved Code of Practice. Further legal requirements, regarding access without discriminating against wheelchair users and ambulant disabled persons, is contained in The Building Regulations Approved Document M. You can read more detailed information in our Design Guide.

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Washroom Cubicles & Vanity Units

Minimal and easy maintenance is essential for all washrooms serving industrial premises. For heavy duty applications, we recommend solid grade laminate materials, which offer maximum flexibility for both wet and dry areas. For less arduous areas, MFC may be utilised, delivering a hard wearing solution for more cost sensitive applications. All products are designed to be robust, with heavy duty fittings that will not let you down and wipe clean surfaces that resist scratches and knocks.
Suggested products: Concept | Impact | Duct Wall System (APS)

Practical, wipe down vanity units are offered with a choice of fully inset and semi-recessed basins or versatile full length trough units. For large user capacity installations, we can provide self supporting island units that maximise the available floor area while creating a spacious environment. Matching base units conceal all services and aid efficient cleaning. Whatever the configuration, softly curved post formed facing edges ensures a safe and attractive finish to a practical solution.
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Washroom Cubicles

Shower Cubicles, Lockers and Benching

Many industrial locations require the provision of shower facilities, changing areas and personal storage lockers, so that staff can change into specific PPE clothing and, for heavy manufacturing, have the opportunity to clean up before changing back into their own clothes. We offer high performance shower cubicles manufactured from water and cleaning chemical resistant solid grade laminate, plus matching changing cubicles.

A complementary range of benching and lockers provides additional changing and essential storage facilities, with options for key, token and digital locking mechanisms.
Suggested products: Impact | Leisureline | Lockers & Benching

Staff Welfare Facilities

Tea and meal breaks are mandatory for production, assembly and warehouse area staff. Facilities should be hygienic and easy to clean, offering storage for workers’ own food and drink, particularly where canteen facilities are not provided or open at all times. We offer a wide selection of tea point, kitchenette and rest area storage options, using durable and easy to maintain laminate materials.
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