Laminate solutions for the retail sector that deliver safety, durability and maximum flexibility.

Delta Laminates has a wealth of experience in retail projects, from large shopping centres through to boutique stores. Our product range is uniquely positioned to address the myriad of functions they must perform. From regulatory requirements for ease of access and durability in high traffic zones, through to more prestigious areas where first impressions are paramount, we have the right solution – all individually designed to meet your exact requirements.

Our retail solutions offer a choice of the very latest in laminate technology, natural stone and stunning solid surface materials to deliver an extensive and flexible range of products covering many applications.

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Washroom Cubicles

The retail sector presents a vast range of performance requirements for washroom cubicles and vanity units. Large shopping centres have a high volume of visitors seven days a week, so washrooms must be extremely hard wearing to rebuff countless knocks, scuffs and even potential vandalism, while remaining easy to clean and pristine throughout the day. But that doesn’t mean they cannot be attractive, perhaps reflecting the centre’s brand, while including essential features like baby changing facilities. Regulatory requirements, such as access for the disabled are also paramount.

The Delta range features tough, hard working materials, standard and full height options, a range of 48 standard colours and a variety of styles. Our Duct Wall System (APS) can be used to conceal all services, further enhancing cleaning efficiency and reducing the opportunity for damage. Complementary vanity units are offered in laminate, solid surface and stone finishes, offering you complete freedom of choice with your sanitaryware and brassware to provide the finishing touch.
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Staff are a retail business’s main asset, so should not be overlooked when it comes to washroom facilities. We offer high performance materials and attractive designs that make them feel part of a caring organisation. All of our designs are in full compliance with The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 and include options such as shower cubicles and spacious vanity units. Colour choice can be used to reinforce retail branding, or restfulness and calm during a busy day.
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Staff Changing, Locker & Welfare Areas

Retail staff may often be on their feet for long shifts and constantly busy. So it is important that welfare facilities extend beyond welcoming washrooms. Delta Laminates offer a variety of options that include changing room cubicles that offer privacy and personal lockers for anything from garments to bags or small items, so that valuables such as mobile phones and wallets can be securely stored while working.

Busy staff also need to eat and drink during rest periods. We offer functional yet attractive kitchen and rest area solutions with practical storage options and easy to clean surfaces. Custom design tea points can also be supplied for businesses with a large number of staff, so that making a drink is fast and efficient with everything to hand. The entire staff welfare range is durable and fitted with long life components such as heavy duty hinges and drawer units that are designed to cope with frequent use, bumps and scratches.
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Counters, Displays and Bespoke Fabrication

Delta Laminates are experts in the fabrication of bespoke retail fitted furniture using the latest laminate technology and highly versatile solid surface materials. Features such as service counters, consultation desks, cash points and product demonstration benches are ideally suited to these materials and we can design, manufacture and install to your exact requirements.

Thoughtful design ensures that features such as storage is discreetly incorporated while maximising available space. A huge choice of surface finishes include practical impact resistant laminates, while for more prestigious applications Fenix NTM provides a stunning matt surface with amazing invisible healing properties. For a premium finish, solid surface materials offer an almost limitless choice of colours and the thermoform properties allow you to create exciting form and features.
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