When designing washrooms you need to consider how many toilet cubicles and washbasins are required. For male facilities you may wish to consider whether urinals should be provided and if so, how many. The starting point is understanding the number of people who will use the facilities. A number of regulations, standards and best practice documents exist to provide guidance. For example, in places of work the primary document is The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

Delta Laminates prepare all designs in full compliance with the latest legislation and standards. To help you understand the requirements we provide below a helpful, simplified guide. We have based this upon BS 6465 Sanitary Installations*, which provides more detail than The Workplace Regulations. In all cases provision must be made for persons with disabilities. More details are provided in The Building Regulations Approved Document M: Access to and use of buildings. You can view these regulations on the gov.uk website here.

(* BS 6465-1:2006 + A1:2009 Sanitary installations – Part 1: Code of practice for the design of sanitary facilities and scales of provision of sanitary and associated appliances.)

Use the links below or scroll down the page to find guidance for that application.

Office & Factory Washrooms

Minimum scale of provision of sanitary appliances for staff toilets in offices, shops, factories and other non-domestic premises used as place of work.

Female washrooms and male washrooms where urinals are not installed

Male washrooms

School Washrooms

Minimum provision of sanitary appliances for school washrooms.

Nursery Schools (aged 5 years and under)

Primary Schools (aged 4-11 years old)

Secondary Schools (aged 11+ years old)

Additional guidance is provided in the following documents. Links are provided to the appropriate websites:

Department for Education: Advice on standards for school premises

ERIC Right to Go Campaign (ERIC – The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity)

Large Shop & Shopping Centre Washrooms

Minimum provision of sanitary appliances for customer washrooms in shops and shopping malls with a retail area in excess of 1,000 m2.

Entertainment Venue Washrooms

Minimum provision of sanitary appliances for entertainment venue/assembly building washrooms.

Venues where most washroom use is during intervals
Examples: theatres, cinemas, concert halls, sports arenas/stadiums and similar buildings.

Venues where washroom use is not concentrated during intervals
Examples: exhibition centres, libraries, museums and similar buildings.

Restaurant Washrooms

Minimum provision of sanitary appliances for restaurants and other places where seating is provided for eating and drinking.

Pub, Bar & Nightclub Washrooms

Minimum provision of sanitary appliances for licensed pubs, bars, nightclubs and discotheques.

Swimming Pool Washrooms

Minimum provision of sanitary appliances for swimming pools.