Delta Laminates offers a number of high quality material options and finishes for the entire product range. These different materials provide the user with a choice of performance, appearance and budget to meet the requirements of virtually any application.

Learn more about these materials and read our guides on performance and suitable applications for each product:

> Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)
> High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
> Solid Grade Laminate (SGL)
> Solid Surface Materials

Also, learn more about the very latest, innovative laminate technology added to our portfolio:

> FENIX NTM Nanotech Matt Material

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)

Melamine Faced Chipboard is a cost effective alternative to HPL and SGL for applications where budget is the prime concern. It is a self supporting board which is:

  • Suitable for dry, low traffic areas
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Economic, lightweight solution

Products manufactured using Melamine Faced Chipboard offer an economic, cost-conscious option for day-to-day applications. Therefore, MFC is a good alternative for specific environments where use is lower than normal and abuse is unlikely.

MFC is manufactured with melamine impregnated decorative paper which is bonded under high pressure and temperature to both sides of a substrate – such as moisture resistant high density chipboard. All visible edges are lipped with durable, high impact PVC. For products that may receive heavier use, such as contract furniture, the substrate may be upgraded to medium density fibreboard (MDF) to provide a more solid panel.

The result is a low cost, ready to use panel for:

  • Dry environments
  • Low traffic areas, unlikely to suffer abuse
  • Non-wet toilet areas
  • Fixed contract furniture
  • Domestic applications

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

High Pressure Laminate is a tough and durable laminate material that is ideally suited to heavy duty applications. It is a versatile material that has the following performance characteristics:

  • High impact and scratch resistance
  • Waterproof and stain resistant surface
  • Hygienic and food safe
  • Easy to clean

HPL is made from layers of high quality kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins, with a decorative paper and protective melamine resin layer. These materials are heated and pressed together under high pressure (>7MPa) which causes them to fuse together, forming a 0.8mm thick sheet.

A sheet is bonded to both sides of a suitable substrate, such as moisture resistant high density chipboard. For more demanding applications moisture resistant MDF or plywood may be used. The panel is then machined square and the edge lipped with durable, high impact PVC. Alternatively, panels can be post-formed, creating a softly curved edge detail.

HPL is ideal for the following applications:

  • Dry area, high traffic washroom cubicles
  • Vanity systems
  • Panel systems
  • Healthcare HTM systems
  • Fixed contract furniture

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL)

Solid Grade Laminate offers the same surface advantages but is a dense, self-supporting 12mm thick panel. It is a high performance material that offers distinct advantages:

  • Suitable for wet and high humidity environments
  • Superior impact, scratch and wear resistance
  • Fully water resistant structure
  • Hygienic, food safe & easy to clean

Panels are constructed from multiple layers of high quality, dyed kraft paper impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins, which gives the panel a characteristic black core appearance. Either side of this core are further layers of kraft paper, plus a decorative paper and melamine resin, identical to HPL.

All of these layers together undergo the same heating and high pressure compression as HPL, to form a single high strength, tough and totally waterproof panel. The panel edges are machined to a smooth round profile, forming a complete self supporting panel with outstanding durability. This makes Solid Grade Laminate ideal for applications where technical performance is paramount:

  • Areas with very high traffic
  • Swimming pools and wet applications
  • Shower cubicles and spa areas
  • Locker and changing rooms
  • Areas subject to wide temperature variations, such as camp sites
  • Vanity and panel systems
  • Laboratory and healthcare fixed furniture

Solid Surface Material

Solid Surfacing is a high quality non-porous material that offers excellent performance properties and almost limitless design properties. It is suitable for virtually any application, particularly where a seamless aesthetically pleasing finish is desirable. Properties include:

  • Cast or thermoform to virtually any shape
  • Water resistance
  • Impact and scratch resistance
  • Hygienic – does not support bacterial growth
  • Easy to clean

Solid surfacing is manufactured from a blend of acrylic resins and bauxite derived minerals, which is produced in sheet form or can be cast into a variety of shapes. Through the use of pigments and fillers, Solid Surfacing can be made to mimic granite, marble and other natural materials, or single colour translucent or opaque finishes. A vast choice of colours and textured finishes are possible. If damaged, Solid Surfacing can be, in most cases, repaired and refinished to an as new appearance.

Delta Laminates is an authorised specialist fabricator of Solid Surfacing. It is possible to create intricate designs from vanity surface with seamless basins through to stylish, bespoke wall and ceiling panels for feature areas. Solid Surfacing is suitable for:

  • Any interior environment: wet, humid or dry
  • High traffic areas
  • Vanity systems
  • Panel systems
  • Fixed contract furniture
  • Reception and feature areas
  • Healthcare and laboratory areas